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Waterstone City Homes

The Seven "Waterstone Elements"

Our Seven "Waterstone Elements" are absolutely essential in your Waterstone constructed home. This is part of our continued desire to build the perfect space for your family that truly feels like your personally designed home. The attention to detail, craftmanship, and your builder's personal touches embody our philosophy.

The "Waterstone Elements" make us unique and define us as a home builder. They are integrated into every home we design and build and are reflected in all of our creations.

The Seven "Waterstone Elements"

• Generous use of natural lighting sources
• Abundant environmentally inspired surfaces including granite, marble, wood, stone
• Premium quality upgraded fixtures
• Deep solid foundations
• Extra Waterstone touches and inspired architectural upgrades
• State-of-the-art home technologies and custom appliances
• Environmentally responsible, sustainable designs


Chuck Sykes - Tampa

"The people at Waterstone are equal parts true professionals and talented artisans. The experience, service, and attention to detail was unparalleled and exceptional. They took care of every aspect of the custom home building process from concept to completion and communicated with us every step of the way."

Chuck Sykes is President and CEO of Sykes Enterprises, Inc.